Manappuram Foundation drives the Corporate Social responsibility interventions of Manappuram Finance Limited. The foundation is a charitable organization set up in 2009 to create healthy, educated, and happy communities and operates in and around the Valapad region in rural Thrissur.

The main areas of activity for the Manappuram foundation are

  • Promotion of Quality Education
  • Promotion of Healthcare
  • Development of the Rural Communities

Manappuram Foundation was established to create a platform for the people in the region wherein they can access child-centered, activity-oriented, modern education using the best available technology-enabled pedagogy. Manappuram foundation created an integrated education ecosystem for the children wherein they have the best teaching aids at all stages of their learning lives.

The core tier of Manappuram Foundations’ education initiatives in the rural community is the Manappuram Academies. These have been created to bring more white-collar skills into the community and develop some income parity, where most of the population prefers to travel to the gulf and work in menial jobs. The academies began operations in 2013 and offer students hailing from weaker sections good quality coaching facilities at a nominal fee. Training is offered in Engineering, Medicine, CA, UPSC, and ICWA disciplines, with students getting access to modern facilities like digital libraries, online test facilities, and seminar halls. Currently, four such centers are operating in and around Valapad.